Thursday, 5 October 2006

Now That's What I Call Little Man, What Now Volume 1

by Charles Pooter

A compilation of some Little Man What Now posts from early 2005:

Skiing in Poland, & the EU - January 2005
Random observations about UK digital TV - February 2005
Bird on stick - February 2005
Living it up - February 2005
Nanny State dishes up Porridge to 31 stone man - February 2005
Snooker - February 2005
Commies are cool - March 2005
One in seven UK children in poverty: bullshit! - March 2005
Ancient & modern no. 1: The Sportsman - March 2005
Won't someone please think of the lobsters? - March 2005

...and some draft titles that didn't make it:

Cure for cancer?
Message to Doctors: Shut the hell up!
Lord Rumney and a Hippo
Taxonomy of stuffed animals and musical instruments at the Horniman musem

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