Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Fuck you Sir Anthony!

by Ted Hoffman

We at Little Man What Now have a long history at the forefront of defending free speech. From the first issue of The Little Man satirical quarterly featuring an (admittedly not-very-funny) cartoon, in which the prophet Muhammad rides a penny farthing, that got our offices at the old Liberal club firebombed. To our final days as a published magazine, when, after printing a version of the Aristocrats joke featuring former Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden and family, we found ourselves up against the might of the British legal establishment.

Then, as always, we shrugged our collective shoulders, doused our flaming attire, paid bail and got on with the job. It should therefore come as no surprise that we throw our support behind Amnesty's irrepressible.info campaign, regardless of any left wing subtext they try and sneak into it.


Edwin Hesselthwite said...

As a member of Amnesty, I have to admit I agree with you completely about dubious left wing subtexts. I'm a member because I believe in having an organistation that tries to free political prisoners and keeps government human rights abuses in the public eye.

However, you only need to take a look at their campaigns page to see that Amnesty have absolutely no integrity. Here are the worst offenders of shallow left:-

Stop Violence Against Women Campaign

Control Arms Trade Campaign

Poverty And Human Rights Campaign

Economic Globalisation and Human Rights

This completely buys into the Kleinites bullshit. What the hell are they doing diluting their message by talking about "poverty". That's what Oxfam is for, you guys are for freeing people in political torment. It almost tempts me to give up my subscription

Charles Pooter said...


You are mistaken. The penny-farthing wasn't invented until 1871.

Edwin Hesselthwite said...


The boy Pooter has a point! Leave us a bit of mystery man!

I'm sure our readers would be far more interested to know of our actions during The Abdication!


Ted Hoffman said...

Haha, well done Charles you have brilliantly shown my post to be a lie.