Thursday, 8 March 2007

Eye of the Tiger

by Ted Hoffman

Watching the new Rocky film reminded me of an incident.

I attended a conference last year in Stuttgart, I wont give the full details of the topic of the conference, but suffice to say it was extremely techie. Of the 300 odd attendees I counted no more than 4 females.

Regardless, the facilities were exemplary; the organisers bent over backwards to make sure everything ran smoothly and the delegates had a good time.

They rounded up the 4th and last day with a surprise announcement of a party to be held that evening for all the attendees. We were told to meet in a hall in one of the hotels where the details would be given.

At the meeting point none of the organisers were to be seen, but the theme tune to Mission Impossible played in the background, and some posters were on display saying 'Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to follow the arrows'. So I, a colleague, 150 odd (primarily German) men, and 4 women followed some arrows around the conference complex until we came across a table with a pile of masks.

The masks were in different colours, and cat like in style. Another sign instructed us to choose a colour, wear the mask and follow the final arrow into the party. The room where the arrow pointed was blaring out the song 'Eye of the Tiger'.

When 'Eye of the Tiger' finished playing, the DJ put 'Eye of the Tiger' back on. This continued for no less than 10 plays of the Survivor classic.

The noise became so annoying that my colleague and I found a couple of seats in the corner where the music was quietest.

At that point I recall looking through my white cat mask and thinking that I was sitting in the corner of probably the least cool party that was ever held.

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