Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Fatwa fun

by Ted Hoffman

I was searching our visitor logs, and came across this discussion, which appears to be something to do with this unnavigable site. Anyway, there is talk in the comments of putting out a fatwa on members of Little Man What Now?.

'We need the E2 version of a fatwa declared on ol' Ted the Little Man.'
This is probably as a result of this article, which caused a certain amount of disagreement. I would just like to say that if there are to be any killings over slight criticism of the Everything 2 website, that it is Edwin, not Ted who should be slain. Ted respects them as a website of peace, and has refrained from writing anything derogatory about them.


Charles Pooter said...

Indeed, although we should say that the overwhelming majority of E2 (peace be upon it) noders are peaceful people, but I do think they need to help expose the few extremists within their community.

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Someone's been ploughing through the E2 archives, despite the fact they were completely banjanxednogoodsir for most of the day. Dedication indeed. My personal view is that E2 is full of complete idiots who couldn't organise a fatwa if they bought themselves 'The Dummy's Guide To', gods love 'em. All you have to do is bare your teeth at them, and they mostly shy away and play dead. It helps in your interaction with most of the denizens if you have breasts. If you don't have breasts, pretend you do. It's the internet. No one can prove you don't.


paraclete (proud member of aforementioned band of complete idiots)

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetheart. You've let Edwin down. How is that "taking one for the team?!" Mrs Hoffman