Thursday, 21 September 2006

Edwin as a South Park Character

by Edwin Hesselthwite

It should be noted that this post is being written under duress... Mr Pooter is intent on lowering the tone of this newspaper (I, like The Economist, believe we can adopt the term newspaper for any publication that has the object to inform) - and as such insists on acts of flippancy.

Regretably, since he has numerous of my possessions held within his sinewy grasp, it seems sensible to be flexible on this issue. I will, however, be returning to my usual highbrow level when i get around to finishing that damn series on the BBC i've had hanging over my head for 2 weeks - note should be taken by our other contributors that their perspectives on Auntie would be welcomed as part of the series.

1 comment:

Charles Pooter said...

Edwin: Ha, ha, that does actually look like you, except I dont think I've ever seen you with your mouth shut...