Saturday, 16 September 2006

Conservative Logo: Another Suggestion

by Charles Pooter

New Tory logo: "meh".

People are already criticising the new Tory logo and Dave hasn't even finished tidying his crayons away yet. The logo is meant to show that the Conservatives have, like, changed and stuff. It is meant to put across that the Conservatives are now into progressive causes like environmentalism, but are still stable like a big bloody tree. I think the attempt is half-hearted. How about a logo based on this instead:

Banksy's Indian elephant: Apparently a big fan of Hayek.

A logo based on artist Banksy's wallpapered elephant, which is currently on display in L.A., would far better communicate the Conservatives' new identity. The multi-coloured pattern would demonstrate the "flexibility" of Dave's new policies. The use of a modern art design would show how "down with the kids" the Tories are now. It would also demonstrate Conservative stability, because there's nothing more stable than an elephant. I would say something about what the average elephant produces, but that would be too obvious.

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