Tuesday, 19 September 2006

20 Facts about Linux

by Charles Pooter

This is an updated version of some true observations I made about Linux a few years ago:

  1. Linux is the most reliable operating system in the world, this has been proven... by science.
  2. To remove a folder (or "directory") in Linux takes a qualified engineer an estimated three hours (five, if the folder contains files).
  3. The average Linux systems administrator mates once every five years.
  4. Linux hibernates in Winter.
  5. Linux was not invented, it was discovered.
  6. After the electric guitar, Linux was Kurt Cobain's favourite musical instrument.
  7. Eight out of ten Linux users surveyed said they hated the Queen of England.
  8. Steve Jobs' brain is actually running Linux, not OS X as would be expected.
  9. Linux is Finnish for UNIX.
  10. The word Linux cannot be written onto paper.
  11. Linux is better than the little-known operating system known as "Windows".
  12. Hunting Linux with hounds is now illegal in the UK.
  13. In Linux, the command:
    compress `find . -type f \! -name '*.Z' -print`
    will compress files whose names don't end in .Z
  14. "To Linux" in English means "to have sexual intercourse".
  15. The Batcomputer runs Linux.
  16. There is a link between Startrek and Linux. I am yet to work out what this link is.
  17. Up until 1995, along with buggery, Linux was banned in Utah and Kentucky.
  18. In Kenyan law, Linux has the same status as a foetus.
  19. Linux users are ineligible to join the French Foreign Legion.
  20. To use Linux, one must first know how to smirk.

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