Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Wont Somebody Please Think Of The!!!!! - Labour government responds to yet another moral panic with legislation.

by Edwin Hesselthwite

Now, I can't quite tell what this actually means. Parliament has yet to be resumed and, much as one expects from BBC journalism, this doesnt tell us what statement or source this comes from but instead focuses on the Moral Panic.

We have: 1 photogenic middle class grandmother standing between the righteous and the fiery pits (or rather the Royal Courts Of Justice on The Strand); 1 innocent, middleclass (please note the violin in her picture, you can almost hear the string section) special needs teacher victim, and a mugshot of an evil balding paeodo..... Oh sorry, violent porn addicted murderer. Oh yes, all the classic ingredients of a moral panic and absolutely no information whatsoever about the proposed legislation.

To be honest, I am surprised Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance dignified the BBC's shoddy journalism with a blogbite on this one. The article tells us more about Mr Gabb than about where this information came from and what it means in terms of government policy - a statement by a Home Office minister suggests this is one of their early initiatives being flagged up, but that is far from clear. It doesn't surprise me in the least that the Labour government would be willing, even keen, to act on a blatant moral panic. So, violent pornography is so dangerous we need a complete prohibition on it?

I may come back to this important issue for free speech when it becomes clearer what is actually going on. But for the time being LMWN would like to restate it's kneejerk opinion on all moral panics: doesn't Common Law cover this already?

Murder is a criminal offence, right?

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adelaide said...


How can a posed image, where the participants gave their consent, be illegal because the activity is "apparently life threatening"

If there is any evidence that women are really abused in the making of these films, why has it not been produced?