Sunday, 9 July 2006

John Prescott: A Career in Photos

by Charles Pooter

With John's Prescott's imminent disappearance from the front benches , I thought this would be a good time to remind ourselves of the good times.

Proving that topical humour is never very funny, we apologise for presenting:

John Prescott: A Career in (copyright infringing) Photos

On the campaign trail: "She's just crossing out the 'New' in New Labour."

Victory: "Take that you Tory bastards!"

Environment: "Who's stupid fookin' idea was this?"

Transport: "Right, I've dun the photo, now bring the Jag round."

The Regions: "Well, I say to you, 'hear', and very much pertaining to, 'ye'!"

Canvassing voters: "I prefer my fookin' eggs fried!"

Defending British interests: "Mr Secretary General, if I may just say that, in so far as, this sustainability policy, if I can get a word in edgeways, is not, as far as can be ascertained, in so far as, the Prime Minister is in full agreement with committee's recommendation last July."

Paying his respects: "After this bollocks has finished I'll show you my ministerial briefs luv."


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