Friday, 5 May 2006

LMWN contributor told to go stuff it by the people!

by Edwin Hesselthwite

As members of an active political force in this country, it is fully understandable that LMWN contributors may consider the burden and honour of standing for elected office… It is with great pleasure therefore that I note that Charles Pooter has been engaged directly in the political process as a candidate in a London Ward.

Now, it would be uncouth of me to unmask one of our contributors, or name his party allegiance. It is only while wearing our masks that we have the freedom to speak for the little man when social forces would push otherwise. However, to give him due credit for his achievements; I wish to draw attention to the electoral tally, where Mr Pooter managed to obtain 300-odd votes. His tally is the highest number of votes of any candidate standing for his party, and the second highest number of votes of anyone who failed to be elected. Note should also be taken that this was part of a drive to unseat a Labour council - a drive in which he succeeded - it now being under No Overall Control.

We at LMWN believe this deserves a small cheer… Let freedom and democracy roll on! I for one hope that Mr Pooter chooses to document some of his experiences in the bureaucratic machinery of state.