Sunday, 1 January 2006

Edwin Hesselthwite - Personal Profile.

by Edwin Hesselthwite

A late arrival amongst LMWN's masked insurgents, Edwin is the journal's verbiest contributor. With no understanding of the words succinctness, terseness or brevity; Edwin has ploughed a trough of complete, thorough and mind-crushingly loooonnnnnng articles. His life outside his abode in the Big Smoke is a list of bizarre accidents, and he has stumbled into more diplomatic incidents than is really justifiable of anyone outside a Douglas Adams novel. Nonetheless, like a true Khaki-clad gent he leaps instinctively towards such events and ruminates (in his easy chair) on their use as material.

On LMWN, his focuses are Londonism, Retro-Technology, Science Fiction, Evil Baby-Boomer Vermin and Culture. Since joining the team he has dreamed of writing the definitive article on The Curta Calculator and Be-Bop Jazz, these fantasies remain as yet unfulfilled.

6 Significant Articles:

On Culture: Dixieland, Red Heads With Long, Long Legs and Randy Wolves — Animation of The Golden Age - A study (with YouTube embeds) of the cartoons of the 1930's-1950's, emphasising Jazz, racism, politics and intellectual property (considered Edwin's strongest, and also longest, article)

On Foreign Affairs: Dispatches from Ladakh - A religious festival with guns - Words from the Indian State Of Kashmir at a time of political importance, when people are pointing guns at each other.

On Humour: Mouse Dies Screaming - Man versus Rodent, more The Green Mile than Tom and Jerry, because let's face it... Jerry's dead.

On Politics: Poor Old Stephen Milligan, Begin Again - A conspiratorial piece discussing the death by autoerotic-asphyxiation of a Conservative MP in the mid-90's, and his work for the most corrupt department in Whitehall.

On Londonism: The Birth-Place of Communism is Converted to Flats, Offers Welcome at Your Estate Agent. - Pretty self explanatory, go read.

On Fiction: Science Fiction Podcaster Throws His Weight Around - A discussion of Escape Pod Podcast and modern SF, the comments may be more interesting than the article.

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