Saturday, 19 November 2005

Morris Dancing

by Ted Hoffman

This morning a group of Morris Dancers were prancing around the center of the West Midlands town where I live. It is so obvious as to be hardly worth pointing out that Morris Dancing is both ridiculous and sinister. Today's dancing was made all the more unnerving by the presence of a bearded man dressed in a long black cape, of whom I surreptitiously took this picture.

Looking like a character from 'The Wicker Man' this chap hovered around the crowd collecting money with the aid of a black wooden horse puppet on his right arm. Seconds later the man, pretending the horse had a life of its own, viciously attacked me.

The quality of the 2 pictures is not quite what I aimed for, aside from my less than brilliant skills as a photographer they were taken undercover on an inexpensive mobile phone.

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