Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Vulgar Anti-Americanism

by Charles Pooter

More and more I'm finding myself having to bite my tongue when encountering American hating bigots.

I've pretty much decided I'm against both the neo-imperialism of the humanitarian left and the "spreading democracy" advocated by neo-conservative Americans. I think that the USA should defend its borders, keep its nuclear deterent, but keep itself to itself. Failing that I think the UK should remain on friendly terms with the USA but disassociate itself from any American adventurism.

I understand the Brits who dislike American foreign policy and are angry at being associated with it, but I cannot understand the boiling hatred that many Britons have of the American people themselves. I've joined my local branch of NO2ID. At a meeting last night in the pub I happened to buy a bottle of Brooklyn Lager (our local Wetherspoon's has started stocking a very impressive range of imported bottled beers). Within minutes someone was ranting about how stupid Amercians were and how their schools were hotbeds of ignorant creationism and how, basically, he hoped the whole place would just go to hell. This wasn't a comment on the war in Iraq or America's response to 911, but just an ignorant rant against the American people and their way of life. It was akin to the way Victorians claimed that all Africans are stupid savages who live in mudhuts. I feel rather ashamed that I just kept quiet and drank my tasty American beer, but in my defence if I argued against all the anti-USA bigotry I encountered I wouldn't have much time for anything else. Not only that, but I feel unable to argue back in a quiet controlled manner. I feel that if I had said what I thought, it would have ended up with:

  1. Me hitting him
  2. Me not being welcome in the group anymore
If that had happened the fight against ID cards would be one person down.

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