Friday, 7 October 2005


by Ted Hoffman

The European Commission is getting frustrated at the lack of robots in the EU according to this article on the BBC news website.

The European Commission (EC) urged businesses to turn their robotics research into viable products much more quickly than they do now.

The EU spends about 50 million euros (£34.4 million) a year on research projects which produce prototypes.

But these tend not to make it to market as products until 10 to 15 years later.

Ulf Dahlsten, the EU's emerging technologies director in Brussels, said this meant EU businesses lagged behind Japan in terms of pushing robots into new market areas.

I like robots, but I'm not sure I agree that they should be rushed as soon as possible from the research labs into the shops, all kinds of chaos could ensue.

Though it would be nice to keep up with the Japanese at these things; they even have a robot that can ride a little bike, and a proper domestic servant robot, that can apparently look after sick children and watch out for burglars.

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