Saturday, 15 October 2005

Not "political correctness gone mad", but "stupid pigs".

by Charles Pooter

I don't like it when victims of official stupidity describe their experiences as "political correctness gone mad", it allows left-leaning pundits to dismiss them and their stories.

Mother-of-three Mary Magilton had been asked by an officer about the woman who had knocked her over. When she said the driver was "fat" she said she was given a frosty look and told she couldn't say that.
The Manchester Evening News quotes Mrs. Magilton's reaction:
"What's wrong with society when you can't describe someone who is fat as fat? It's political correctness gone mad - it's unbelievable."
Indeed there is a lot wrong with society, but the fault here lies not with society in general, but with the police in particular. The police are institutionally stupid and the higher up the ranks you go, the stupider they get. The officers conducting the interview were stupid for thinking that guidelines that applied to their conduct had any bearing on what a member of the public could say. The chief constable who introduced the "appropriate language" guidelines was a moron for thinking it would have any utility whatsoever.
Found via Kevin McFarlane on the Libertarian Alliance Forum.

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