Thursday, 27 October 2005

The News

by Ted Hoffman

Circumstances were such that I spent yesterday afternoon in a hotel room, lying in bed, watching 24 hour news. I was flicking around between BBC News 24, Sky and various shows on the terrestrial channels, when I caught a news flash. All they had was 'Train derailed in central Liverpool'. I've watched enough news to have caught a few major events as they happened, and know well the progression from 'Bang heard in Tube' to 'Complete carnage'.

The presenters (on both Sky and News 24, for I caught both flashes) looked somber, and assured us that we would be kept bang up to date with this breaking story.

Having made such a big deal of this incident, they persisted in giving frequent updates over the next hour, even though it quickly transpired that there was no carnage at all, not even a little. One old lady was taken to hospital, and there was disruption to some trains. The BBC had someone there to get on the spot interviews, where they got such non excitement as.

"I didn't see anybody come off their seats but it was jolting about"
Hmmm, I would like to have ended this anecdote with a moral, but I'm pretty sure there isn't one, never mind.

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