Thursday, 15 September 2005

What now?

by Ted Hoffman

Google have a new blog search engine; into which I typed in the words 'Little man what now'. It turns out we are not the only blog with this name. I'm not feeling 100% today so I've found myself (completely unjustifiable) furious about this. A fury that didn't dissipate on discovering that there are no entries on this new copy cat blog.

As an aside, at the time of writing the top result for this search was for an article in Pervypotter, Harry Potter Sexual Fan Fiction. Which might be worth a visit if you like wizards.

The subtitle for his blog is 'the mumblings of an anti-social library dweller'. Mumblings is a word that comes up a lot in blogs, it is not much of a word, and suggests a certain lack of confidence in the blog's content, were there to be any. Or maybe it is an English underplaying of his hand, and the content is in fact mighty.

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