Tuesday, 13 September 2005


by Dom Corrigan

Goodness me. I know that one thing the state education sector is really crying out for is a new swathe of useless teachers, but why aim to attract paedophiles?

"...and you get to hang out with Karim", says the government's advertisement.

Any grown man who wants to "hang out" with someone else's children (or, quite frankly, his own most of the time) is not the sort of person I want teaching my kids. Michael Jackson*, for example, might well be a fine dance teacher, but his considerable abilities are more than outweighed by his alleged propensity to "hang out" with his kiddie friends. The same should go for those less talented than "Sir Michael". After all, they claim to be an equal opportunities employer.

Didn't teaching used to be one of the professions? You know, doctor, lawyer, teacher. Hey ho, I guess unionisation did for that. And to think, non-paedophiles might actually want to teach if the prestige of the "profession" still remained.

Ah, but I digress.

* Is there some version of Godwin's Law for Michael Jackson references?

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