Friday, 30 September 2005

Mutualist Blog

by Charles Pooter

Kevin Carson's Mutualist Blog has been my favourite weblog for a while now. The site's byline is "Free Market Anti-Capitalism", which to some may sound confusing or contradictory, but Kevin uses "capitalism" to mean the actually existing economic order, rather than some Randian fantasy. Many libertarians are happy to defend capitalism because they view the current system as an imperfect version of a true free market. Kevin's posts make you realise how wrong this position is and how different a true free market would be to actually existing capitalism. Especially of note are his series of "Vulgar Libertarianism Watch" posts.

Any anti-capitalist who is a fan of Sean Gabb has got to have an interesting take on things. Check out his site or buy his book. I plan to do the latter in the near future.

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