Thursday, 15 September 2005

Aren't you that guy from LMWNow?

by Ted Hoffman

People often stop me in the street and ask, 'do you chaps at lmwnow have a hand signal, one which spells out the initials of the website's name in 3-2-1 fashion, so that readers and contributors could use it when meeting in the street?'.

The answer up until 5 o'clock today was no, we left such things to the guys at Samizdata, with their secret handshakes and matching hats. Things have changed. In a swift single movement the following can be performed.
1) The L is formed with the thumb and index finger of the left hand
2) It is then quickly flipped over, shifted upwards and the middle finger extended to form an M
3) This is simple reversed again to form the W.
4) The now is achieved just by pointing forward. This is symbolic of the word now.

A video would make this clearer, though don't hold your breath.

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