Monday, 13 June 2005

The tsunami

by Dom Corrigan

I've got several hundred photos from the East coast of Sri Lanka. They show the devastation caused by the tsunami and that really nothing has happened to rebuild the infrastructure in that area. I'm not sure I'm going to post the photos, though, because they hardly communicate the scale of the devastation - you can get a picture of a ruined house or part of a hospital, but don't manage to capture that this is the only part of the town that remains. One can't hope to get across the horrible, eerie, ghostly silence where there was once, assumably, so much life, and there is still so much beauty. And there is the clang and thunder of the Pacific Indian Ocean going by, and you're haunted by the fear that it might rush inland and swallow you up anytime you turn your back.

UPDATE Ah, what-the-hell. Here are two pictures taken by my girlfriend on the East coast of Sri Lanka.

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