Thursday, 16 June 2005

The Smooth Criminal

by Captain Oates

Hello avid readers, it's the Captain here. I have been out - I have been some time, but now I'm back, writing about thing which concern or interest me, rather than cheap stories aimed at mass hits, purely massaging one's ego.

What concerns / appalls me recently in the news is the fact that Michael Jackson has got away with sleeping with young boys. What sort of a World is it we live in?

I woke up this morning when the
Radio 4 came on and the interviewer (perhaps John Humphrys) was interviewing Tom Sneddon the Prosecutor in the Jackson trial, who seemed very upbeat, despite writings in the press I have read since, saying he was very depressed, following the defeat of his biggest case.

On the radio this morning, the interviewer asked something along the lines of "I hear you're retiring now, how do you feel about that - do you feel a bit of a loser?" The reply was directly out of a self-help manual paraphrased as "I do not feel a loser and if people wish to look at me as a loser they are welcome , but my conscience is clear."

My question is how on Earth did Jackson get away with it? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised as it's not the first time we've seen US celebrity justice (
O.J. 'killer' Simpson)

One excuse I have heard is that there was "no smoking gun." This is I feel a particularly unfortunate phrase and one which perhaps is best left unused in this case. The problem with Child molestation cases is that these crimes are committed in private, and are not the sort of cases which leave evidence trails.

I would be very interested to hear the views of any American (or perhaps not) supporters of Wacko Jacko - if there are any of them reading this blog.

We need not worry about Mr Jackson's personal fortune, as apparently sales of his greatest Hits' have increased by over 300% since his acquittal. It seems that 'Billie Jean' or 'Earth song' are not that bad, as they're being sung by someone who's not a convicted child molester!!


UPDATE Breaking news from the Onion: "Enchanted By Own Innocence, Michael Jackson Molests Self"

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