Friday, 10 June 2005

Dog bites man

by Dom Corrigan

Listening to Radio4 as I write my dissertation (it's lonely work), I'm not at all surprised at the sloppiness I hear. Take the 'Feedback' programme, for instance. It's like 'Points of View' on the tele, and lets listeners voice their opinion and get some feedback from the programme makers.

The problem is that the makers invariably seem a bit, well, arrogant. A typical segment will go like this,

Host: "Colonel Smith writes in objecting to the title of a show reviewing the Tory's performance in the election. It was called 'F*cking little England c*nts'. The show's producer replies."

Producer: "We asked a lot of our friends and none of them had any objection. Bugger off."

Host: "There you go."

Could they get away with this if we had a choice about whether we took the BBC's 'service' or not?

Oh blimey, it's The Archers.

Just so everyone knows, the above is an accurate account of a fake exchange.

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