Friday, 1 April 2005

Gmail does it again - for free

by Captain Oates

Now approaching it's first birthday, Google's web based email system Gmail has doubled the size of it's mailbox.

The already large 1GB capacity has been increased to a whopping 2GB. The sevice is free, and advertiser funded. I must say that I have been using gmail for about 6 months, and never found the adverts to be a problem. Membership is by invitation only, and the service spreads virally.

Google has taken this step, because a small number of 'heavy users' are approaching the 1GB storage limit.

"Since we introduced Gmail, people have had a lot of place to store e-mail, but some of our heavier users have been approaching their limits and have been wondering what's going to happen," said Georges Harik, Gmail's product management director. "So, starting Friday, we're going to give people more and more space continuously and indefinitely on Gmail, as we're able to technologically."

I for one, know that I am using about 5MB of my now 2GB email inbox, but shan't be complaining.

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