Thursday, 28 April 2005

Ebdon through to the semis

by Ted Hoffman

Brilliant Snooker match last night. It is intriguing how a game that looks so mundane on the surface, can produce hours of such tension and drama. Whilst this will go down as one of the best matches I have ever watched, it won't be for the quality of the play. Ronnie was dreadful, and Ebdon whilst playing comparatively well, made numerous errors.

A lot of criticism was being hurled at Ebdon by the various ex world champions on the BBC commentary team. Entirely unfairly in my opinion, Ebdon was slow, as he is well entitled to be. He didn't deserve to be essentially accused of cheating by the BBC presenter (whose name escapes me) in one of the first questions he faced after completing one of the most brilliant come backs the game has seen.

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