Friday, 1 April 2005

Bill Thompson watch 1

by Ted Hoffman

I was reminded of the 9 foot cyber guru yesterday when he was suggested as a possible Dr Who by my colleague Dom. He has been of interest to this blog in the past, and I've been intending to mention him again, so I've decided to start a Bill Thompson watch.

Lots of blogs have 'watches' where journalists and other opinion formers are singled out for particular scrutiny. Whilst there is no rule against doubling up, there seems little reason to cover ground against a Toynbee, Galloway, Fisk, etc, that is perfectly adequately covered elsewhere. Though I hardly feel we've drawn the short straw, Thompson is controversial, completely wrong a lot of the time, but discusses interesting techie areas, and not the more murky and difficult subjects like the Iraq war, which I keep meaning to post about, but frankly it has begun to bore me.

This first criticism is only short, given that the article in question is quite old now. His suggestion that children should be banned from chat rooms is both completely impractical, and clearly an individual issue for parents.

That will do for starters, his better thought out works will receive a more meticulously analysis on this blog in the weeks and months to come.

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