Saturday, 12 March 2005

Won't someone please think of the lobsters?

by Ted Hoffman

There has been an ongoing protest outside a pub not far from where I live; I saw it driving past a week ago, but reading the local paper today made it clear what it was all about. The pub has a 'Lobster Festival' running this month, which just consists of it selling lobster in various forms. The best way to cook lobster apparently is to boil it alive, as the flesh degrades rapidly after it dies.

Anyway this has annoyed the usual crowd who usually get annoyed over these things; they have picketed the place pretty much every day, and graffitied the wall with 'Scum' and 'Free the lobsters'. Looking around the web for some more information led me here:

On a bitterly cold day banners and placards denouncing the suffering that lobsters are forced to endure before they end up on some carnivores plate lined the roadside next to the premises. The honks of support from passing motorists were encouraging as ever, activists know this place will be losing customers now and in the future.

I think they may be disappointed, the protest is not working very well. The chap who runs the pub has told the local paper that he has sold over 500 portions so far, and the protest has raised the profile of the festival so much that he plans to hold another one in the summer. It is hardly a surprise, I wouldn't expect the general public to have too much time for this scraggly group and their oddly precious views about lobsters.

One of the chefs from the halfway house who looked only a little over 16 came out briefly to show his sad immaturity, he was heckled back and decided to retreat back into the safety of the kitchens pretty quickly.

A good wholesome demo this afternoon spent educating the public about the suffering caused by humans to these majestic ocean animals.

The immaturity of this youth would have been in stark contrast to the grown adults outside holding placards saying 'House of death', and heckling 16 year olds. Even on it's own terms the whole thing is pretty stupid, after all their problem isn't with the lobster being dead, rather the nature of it's death, otherwise they would have to picket the Sunday roast or prawn cocktail. I don't imagine the lobster particularly enjoys being boiled, I probably wouldn't except it if it didn't make the thing taste better, but you would have to be pretty highly-strung to give too much of a sh!t. It is after all, only a lobster.

Anyway, if anyone is in the west midlands please show support for this establishment.

"..but it also makes me taste better, what cruel god created me this way?"


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