Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Something I saw in the Guardian...

by Ted Hoffman

Jonathan Freedland writes one of his occasional sensible paragraphs today.

Critics have attacked Howard for voicing his opinion on abortion, as if this is a decision taken elsewhere, far away from politics. But it is not. The law on abortion is written by MPs. It is they who legalised it, they who would change, or keep, the current 24-week legal limit. To complain if the subject is raised at election time, when we choose the men and women we send to parliament and who would cast those crucial votes, is to demand that the people be left out of that decision

Which is probably a good repost to this Leader in the Indie, if I could read the bloody thing. It costs a pound, I'm sure they used to let you read everything for free. A pound is more than twice the value of a printed edition; the clever critique I would have done will have to wait 'till I find a way of reading the article.

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