Tuesday, 1 March 2005

New term fails to go off with a bang!!

by Captain Oates

Reading through a back copy of the Telegraph today, I noticed an article which was worthy of note. The story centers around a 14 or 15 year old public school boy from Suffolk, who had been busying himself with a bizarre chemistry project over half term.

The boy had idled away the hours of the holiday with his chemistry set, and a downloaded page from the internet. He proudly took the fruit of his labors along to show-and-tell and presented his chemistry master with a home made sample of "Napalm." The master was decidedly unimpressed and simply exclaimed "OH GOD!" before calling for help.

The Police were called, who in turn called in the Bomb squad based in Colchester. The bomb squad agreed that the substance was "potentially harmful" and needed to be removed and disposed of. This gave the pupils the afternoon off school, as the chemistry lab and adjoining classrooms were all evacuated, to allow the bomb squad room to work.

"The teacher just reacted with
horror and said: 'Oh my God'."

A spokesman from the military said "It was not actually napalm, but we are not disclosing what it was. We removed the substance and disposed of it safely."

No news has been forthcoming about the boy's educational future, but you can be sure he would have been expelled from a state school for pulling such a prank. He's just lucky he'd finished his napalm before the new anti terrorism laws come into being. Although - this youngster could cause more damage under house arrest methinks!!

The recipe for the napalm substitute is disturbingly easy to find, a quick internet search using fairly unimaginative search terms comes up trumps almost instantly.

One suggests that DIY napalm production is perhaps not the safest pastime, and anybody planning on creating a homemade airstrike is thoroughly discouraged. Why go to the hastle and potential danger of making the stuff yourself, when you can buy it online here!?

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