Saturday, 19 March 2005

Michael 'baby killer' Howard

by Ted Hoffman

Having a young child killed by a maliciously shot air gun pellet is tragedy enough for any mother. It is therefore with a heavy heart that I spend the rest of this post being abusive and insulting towards Sharon McMillan.

Since recently losing her son, she has been following Michael Howard around and loudly berating him for his failure to support her call to ban air rifles. This plan may or may not have any merit, it is not my intention to address that as such, though if it has any it is surely down to luck. It has been chosen because it is simplistic, I'd wager Mrs McMillan had spent all of 5 minutes thinking about it before rushing out of her house to berate politicians who aren't even in office. Tragedy or not, it is no excuse for rank rudeness and stupidity.

She has summoned up a group of cheerleading newspapers to support her, in response to Michael Howard saying that ‘banning the weapons would not solve the problem‘, I found this quote:

"It's incredibly insensitive for him to come out with something like this so close to my son's funeral. I think it's disgusting the way Howard and other MPs can oppose a ban when they have no idea what life is like on a housing estate full of air guns. They should stick to things they know about."
Breathe in, count to ten, ok. Did Mr Howard want your child to die? No. Is his opposition to your ban the result of his desire to kill children? No. Does your loss mean that he should politely agree to your political requests? No. Is it actually 'insensitive' to not agree with you? No. Is living on a housing estate really a prerequisite to having an opinion on the issue differing from that held by you? Obviously not. Ok that being the case please apologise to Mr Howard, I'm sure he'll understand, and go home.

There are many other ever more insane quotes from here, that would take me all day to go through, which would frankly be a bit mean under the circumstances. Suffering terrible tragedy can instil in people a drive that allows them to achieve almost anything, but that doesn't mean it is always worth doing.

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