Monday, 14 March 2005

Labour MP tells overstretched Police to buck up!

by Captain Oates

Labour MP for Nottingham North Graham Allen has accused the Nottingham police chief Steve Green to buck up his ideas in response to a plea for help at the weekend.

Green, head of Nottingham Police told the Telegraph at the weekend that his force was unable to cope with the increase in murder investigations in recent times and that he may be forced to ask neighboring forces for help.

Sources show that the number
of cases have increased from 1 per
year pre-2001 to 21 annual
cases currently
Overstretched - Police Chief Steve Green

Allen accused the force of inefficiency and questioned the management of the officers. Claiming that such comments in the media were bad for police morale.

"handcuffed by political correctness and paperwork"

Michael Howard, tory leader claimed that the police were being "handcuffed by political correctness and paperwork" He stated that a police force under a Conservative Government would face lower paperwork burdens and a reduction of targets, allowing them to be more efficient in controlling crime.

This will become a serious election issue - the question will be not whether the government are spending enough money on the police force, but are they letting police spend it effectively?

The Conservative message is clear - cut the red tape, invest in modern equipment and allow officers to do their job - fight crime.

The Government's message is also clear - Stop complaining and buck up!

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