Friday, 18 March 2005

Dr Eugene Milne

by Ted Hoffman

The British Medical Journal has printed a study by Dr Eugene Milne into smoking, from which the BBC reports this:

Dr Milne also said he was disappointed the national target failed to encourage a narrowing of the gap between poor and rich areas.

In the north east, a third of men and a quarter of women smoke - above the national average.

"Against this background, it is disturbing that the smoking prevalence targets do not propose a narrowing of the inequalities gap," he said.

Blimey, what is it with the BMJ? Mr. Milne can be a card carrying lefty if he likes, but he must have pretty low expectations of his audience if he thinks he has brilliantly hid which side of the political fence he sits on and not allowed it to cloud his judgment. Perhaps his next study can tell us how smoking would be reduced by nationalising the utility industries.

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