Friday, 18 March 2005

The British Press

by Ted Hoffman

One of my favorite things about Britain is our selection of newspapers and their crazy journalists. They get a bit of a battering in this post at Harry's place, but I am pleased to say they've been rigorously defended in the comments, where I get this quote, which I like.

I always got the impression that the Telegraph's dream obituary would be someone who charged a Japanese machine gun nest armed only with a swagger stick and wearing a cravat, while the Guardian's was someone who helped set up the Ghanaian social services. There's a need for both approaches, of course, but which is going to provide the better read?
(Some editing and removal of slang for clarity)
The writer Buff and Blue wins himself a prized place on our blogroll, from which he can expect to receive a server crippling number of hits.

The Guardian (3rd biggest selling broadsheet, 10th highest including tabloids) apparently has a readership on par with the highest selling French newspaper Le Monde. Which I have no ready explanation for, though on first glance it does reflect rather well on the British.


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