Friday, 18 March 2005

Blair faces opposition in Sedgefield

by Captain Oates

Ex MI5 agent David Shayler is to stand as an independent candidate against Tony Blair in the constituency of Sedgefield in the General Election.

Shaler said that he is neither left, nor right but is strongly in favor of defending democratic rights - something he feels Labour are eroding dangerously.

The former counter-terrorism officer, who was jailed for 6 months for breaking the official secrets act, said: "Our democracy is in crisis and unless we act now, there will be no democracy left fighting for."

Shaler planned to stand against Blair during the last election, but was unable to due to his court case, in which he was found in breach of the official secrets act.

"If we can encourage a large protest vote in Sedgefield, it would send a clear message to the politicians of this country that the people have had enough of autocratic leaders who fail to represent their constituents."

I for one wish Shaler the best of luck, I feel that if he could beat Blair, it would send a serious message to the Government that they should stop riding rough-shod over our civil liberties. - Go Shayler go...

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