Monday, 7 February 2005

The Tories stand up for their principles

by Dom Corrigan

The story goes that the Conservatives were going to drop their support for the introduction of ID cards after the general election, when (and presumably, if) public support for the policy had ebbed away.

Yesterday's Daily Mail carried this short piece. Perhaps the views of some more right thinking members of the Parliamentary Party are filtering down to the leadership.

Shadow home secretary David Davis said that the Government had failed to answer a series of Tory concerns about the scheme, warning: "Well I think if it's not going to work... it's not worth supporting."

Fair point David - but couldn't you be a bit more clear on why it's not going to work? Well, no, because the reasons that the scheme won't work now are the same and as clear as they were before the Bill ever reached the House.

So, does that mean we'll see the Tories taking the stand that fits the Party's historical belief in sticking up for the common man? Not a chance...

Earlier, a Tory spokesman acknowledged that there was a "question mark" over how Tory MPs will vote when the ID cards Bill receives its third reading in the Commons on Thursday.

Mr. Howard had told aides that the party will abstain.

It's this sort of squirming, trying to please everyone, that's costing the Tories the chance to form a government, just as it acts to keep the ridiculous Lib Dems away from real political power. Should be grateful for small mercies, I suppose.

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