Saturday, 26 February 2005

Strolling through the blogosphere...

by Captain Oates

On a quiet Saturday morning, the sun was not shining, the birds not singing, so I decided to take a stroll through the blogosphere - knapsack on my back.

I called in at few places along the way, but sadly they were not what I was looking for. Then after looking through many other people's blogrolls, I found it. The The Policeman's Blog - an expertly written blog by a Policeman in the UK, struggling against the system and modern Brits.

This time it’s a theft and the child needs arresting. Upon entering the slum, I immediately anticipate trouble ahead. Mother is fat and smoking, she clearly has “nerves”, upon seeing me she shouts (and I mean shouts), “KARL, F***KING COME DOWN HERE NOW!” the reply comes from upstairs: ”WHAAAAAAAT ?”Read on...
Go and take a peek It's the best blog I've found in a while. It has something to say, and it does it very well.

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