Sunday, 27 February 2005

The Royal Snub

by Captain Oates

It's like a fairy tale - true, there are no Dragons and shining armor is not something we see Charles in often, but one has to believe that behind closed doors he is every part the dashing Prince (and not the ogre-like Shrek most people mistake him for.)

To be so bold as to venture an opinion on Charles, I would say that he has done surprisingly well thus far all things considered. I mean firstly lets look at the genetics - his immediate relatives (father especially) are not known for tact. Prince Philip can't leave the palace without causing offence somewhere.

William at Home farm, GloucestershireSurely one of the main responsibilities of the Prince Royal is to provide the Royal family with a suitable heir to continue the bloodline. Charles has done this - by marring Diana Spencer. She was undoubtedly the most beautiful princess we have seen in this country. Together they produced Prince William (picured left), by all accounts the most sensible Royal of the modern age. Imagine the alternative, had he followed his heart and married Camilla, we might have ended up with an heir to the throne similar to Tom Parker-Bowles Parker-Bowles(pictured right). At least Charles discharged his reproductive responsibilities whilst married to Diana!

Now that Charles has said that he an Camilla are to marry, he hasn't received the public support he'd expected. He has been left feeling dejected. This led to today's outburst in the press saying that he felt "distanced" and "let down" by the British public .

The lack of support isn't from the British Public alone, there is also a frosty reception from inside the Palace. His mother, the Queen has distanced herself from the union, fearing that it will tarnish the Royal Family yet further. She feels that Charles has put "gratification before duty".

Her Majesty has stated that she does not wish to attend the ceremony - this has been seen as many by a Royal Snub, a rumor quickly rebutted by the Palace. An article in the Mail on Sunday hinted that the real answer was far more spiteful.

Give Charles a chance - he is a strong supporter of many solid causes in the UK, and a strong force for good. He is strongly in favor of organic farming, is an active follower of country pursuits and of course is Patron of the Prince's Trust.

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