Monday, 28 February 2005

Pusscat's life and times

by Captain Oates

Click to see me balanceHaving made this week's Carnival of Cats I thought it was time for a repeat post. I have been practicing all week, and can now balance like this with very little effort! Some say I should join the Circus - but I don't like elephants!!

"Well?" you might ask, who is this cat, "Why should we read her Posts?" I am Jones - fairly unremarkable 11 year old pussy cat. My life began in a barn in the countryside in the Midlands, UK. My mum gave birth to us in a crack between bales in a haystack - not a bad place to begin for a cat. Growing up on the farm was fun - what a place for a litter of kittens!

Once we were old enough, people came and began talking my brothers and sisters away with them - I was the smallest, so left until last. Then at last it was my turn for a new home! Captain Oates came along, and took me to home with him, he lived on a farm too, home from home - I was happy there.

I lived there for 10 years, until Oates, family and myself moved again - this time to a smaller farm. There is still plenty of room for a little cat and am still happy here. The house we live in is in the countryside - I have a cat flap so can get outside to hunt whenever I want. Sometimes I catch mice and drop them at Oates' bedroom door - He never seems pleased with the presents I leave him.

I will write more later - time for a cat nap now!

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