Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Paranoid fantasists?

by Ted Hoffman

It's not really good form to highlight the most ridiculous arguments of political opponents, whilst avoiding those that are well reasoned. It is easy though, and this article in today’s Guardian is hilarious. Reading Al Kennedy (perhaps I should of heard of him?) reminds me of a David Icke book I skimmed through a few years back, and it includes this insightful description of GWB,

surrounded by a psychopathic cult of paranoid fantasists and torture enthusiasts; his loathing of the environment and his passion for apocalypses.

an insinuation of KKK membership, main problem is, of course, the fact that the all-conquering Republican Bush clan (or Klan)..

a highly unlikely conspiracy theory,

invade, occupy and devastate a country because its leader was falsely implicated in a non-existent plot to "kill his Daddy".

and much more.

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