Monday, 21 February 2005

'now kids, what do you all think about the trade deficit?'

by Ted Hoffman

Tucked away on the BBC's science and nature section is this nauseating article.

The future generation has an unenviable task: tomorrow they must tackle the environmental problems we are creating today. Ahead of the Kyoto treaty coming into force, we asked eight young people from around the world how they would do things differently.

There is no great value in asking young children complex political questions, you will inevitably get naive, uneducated responses. Unless that is, you are fairly sure they will agree with you. Children tend to be environmentalist, I suspect this is largely because of the way the debate is framed, nobody after all wants to live in a dilapidated environment. The anti-environmentalist position suffers from being comparatively non-obvious.

Here are some choice words of wisdom, they include the bonkers,
"I think it would be a lot better if children were made to walk"
the nonsensical,
"People don't realise that poverty and the environment are part of the same thing"
the flatly untrue,
"Free trade isn't helping - the bottom line is entirely monetary"
the bleeding obvious,
"One of the global problems that really worries me is poverty"
and the facile.
"My government should invest money in environmental education"

The BBC must be delighted with the result.

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