Tuesday, 22 February 2005

Nanny State dishes up Porridge to 31 stone man

by Captain Oates

Meet 23 year old Chris Leppard, 31 stone man mountain. Chris suffers with the rare Prader-Willi Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder, leaving Chris incapable of determining when his stomach is full, thus allowing him to possibly gorge himself to death! "I'm addicted to food - like people are to fags." admits Chris.

Chris has been on a strict regime of weight control since leaving his specialist boarding school, and has managed to keep his weight stable at around 30 stones for a while, but food - the temptation is always there. Things took a turn for the worse for Chris last week (W/c 14/02/05), as on Tuesday the Police arrived at home, which he shares with his mother. Chris was sectioned under the mental health act and taken against his will to a clinic in Eastborne. It was unclear how long he would be detained in the clinic, but current rules allow detention for up to a month. Patients at this clinic have the right to appeal.

Chris, obviously a bit miffed at being taken from his home with no warning appealed for his 'sentence' to be overturned, on the grounds that he was not mentally ill. He was returned to his home in Hastings on Monday 21/02/05, where he will continue living with his mother for the foreseeable future.

Mr Leppard now plans to take the social services department responsible to court to recover costs and compensation for damages. He claims that he has been hampered in the progress he was making losing weight.

Chris' Mother, Anne has written a letter of complaint to the relevant authorities and is in contact with her solicitor about the chances of winning any legal action.

The Pradar Willi syndrome association say that "In extreme cases patients with the condition do have to be taken into care for their own protection. But it is only advised as a last resort."

What has outraged many is not merely the unlawful dentention of Chris Leppard, but also the fact that it is another episode of the nanny state gone mad!

Tim Loughton, the Shadow Health Minister angrily stated that "It’s a taste of things to come if the Government’s draft Mental Health Act becomes law. It will subject people who are not strictly suffering from mental illness, to sectioning.”

Libertarian Alliance spokesman Dr Sean Gabb asked “What on earth justifies the intervention of the police and compels him to have medical treatment?”

This is evidence that the Nanny state has once again taken a step toward dementia and must tred carefully to avoid sectioning itself!

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