Wednesday, 23 February 2005 a woman scorned

by Dom Corrigan

Today's Daily Telegraph carries an article about how a husband sent threats to the wife he was divorcing using mobile phone text messaging. For years now, we've had people using text messaging for divorce, getting rescued, and even voting, so this sounds like "dog bites man". Except, after 6 months of legal proceedings against the chap, it was discovered that the wife was actually sending the threats to herself from her husband's old SIM card in order to frame and discredit him.

This is very curious. She was apparently rumbled because she was using his SIM in her phone. I assume that the unique serial number of the handset, the IMEI, or some similar identification code is sent with each text. But what seems strange is that it took many months to produce this evidence. Is it that this information is difficult to analyse, or is it protected somehow by law, or guarded by the mobile phone companies?

It strikes me that mobile telecommunications must be fairly secure compared to Wi-Fi. The wife in this story might have done better to park outside her husband's house and do naughty things from his Wi-Fi hotspot. But I'm not sure. At least she didn't cut off his wing-wang. Either way, it's clearly important that our legal type guys understand all this stuff.

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