Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Do you want ice with that?

by Captain Oates

Marcel Duchamp's UrinalContemporary art is something which baffles me - I struggled with Duchamp's urinal, and as for Hirst's cow in formaldehyde - I fail to see the artistic merit.

Both of these projects are relatively easy to comprehend in comparison to one project in the news today. The plan of Mrs Rita Duffy - a visual artist is to celebrate Belfast's shipyard, building place of the Titanic by towing in an iceberg. 'Iceberg

The plan is to fetch an iceberg from Newfoundland, and tow it into the shipyard, either floating it into Belfast's lock, or grounding it close to the shore.

The slightly concerning thing is that this hairbrain scheme has even received backing from the city's mayor. Apparently the aim of the exercise is to put Belfast's redeveloped Titanic quarter on the tourist map.

"The iceberg and the wreck of the Titanic is the main story of Belfast - the sad, interrupted journey of disbelief and disappointment. The iceberg could become a symbol of hope as it melts." according to Rita Duffy.

Funding has already been secured through the international fund for Ireland and the Irish consulate in New York.

The thing which troubles me about this piece of work is not the visual spectacle - as I needn't visit if I don't want to, but my main objection is for the families of those 1,500 victims of the Titanic's unsuccessful maiden voyage.

Visit the Belfast Titanic society for information about Belfast & The Titanic

There is an enlightening article in the Telegraph on this subject.

There is a fantstic blog here sympathetic to my point of view - take a look!!

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