Friday, 11 February 2005

Bill Thompson

by Ted Hoffman

As something of a technophile I often check out the BBC technology news section. One of the regular features is columnist Bill Thomson's opinion pieces on whatever has caught his interest that week. I don't often agree with him 100%, but he is reliably interesting and well informed.

What spoilt his pieces for me was this picture of Bill that appeared half way down every single article, pulling what is obviously a smug facial expression. This was exasperated by quotes taken from his writing appearing just under the picture. Very often this would be the most opinionated thing said in the entire piece, giving an overall poor impression of the man.

So I was glad to see half way down today’s article that a new picture of Bill has appeared, dressed in a suit jacket with a more serious demeanor.

The quote used as a caption is also more matter of fact, informing us that in Tokyo you can get 50mbps broadband for £20 a month, crikey!

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