Sunday, 20 February 2005

America's fattest man slims down

by Captain Oates

'Big Pete' Loiselle decided that once he'd reached 54.5 stones in weight, it was time for a change. His surgeons were warning him about the damage he was causing to his body, and were keen for him to undergo gastric bypass surgery. However the strict diet that this operation imposes was not to Pete's liking. He decided to diet, and lose weight the conventional way.

A new diet was drawn up for him, reducing his daily 10,000 calorie intake down to 2,200 calories. Allowing him to continue eating his favorite foods, albeit in greatly reduced quantities.

His dietitian has obviously done an excellent job, as over the period of 2 years, Pete lost on average 17lb per month. This has given him a total weight loss of 36 stones.

In his new form Pete is able to do a whole host of things, all of which we take for granted:

-fit into airline seats
-climb stairs
-see his feet
-tie his own shoelaces
-climb into the bath
-fit into the seats at his favorite restaurant

I'm sure you'll all join me in congratulating Pete.

His story can be read in greater depth here.

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