Sunday, 23 January 2005

ID Cards: No2SWP

by Dom Corrigan

At "Little man, what now?", we are strongly opposed to HM Government's proposed ID cards. The arguments against have been set down eloquently in more than one place and they need not be rehashed here.

An unpleasant discovery is that the main pressure group opposing the introduction of the cards, No2ID, involves members of the Socialist Workers' Party.

Guy Taylor, who is on the steering committee for the SWP front organisation Global Resistance (to which it is our policy not to link), is also the No2ID Local Groups Coordinator. In this prominent role, he will be in a position to turn the important anti-ID card campaign into yet another paper sale and recruiting opportunity for the SWP.

Oliver Kamm has gone to some trouble to expose the nature of the SWP's anti-semitic, authoritarian and profoundly undemocratic ideology in a series of excellent posts. We join him in his campaign to "reject and condemn anyone who would knowingly ally” with the SWP and its front organisations “let alone speak from those organisations' platforms”.

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